Mixed News

Minimalist road movie along a 15 km stretch of country road. Everyone has a road which they have often travelled in life, and which they could drive along in their sleep. For me, it is the B-143 between Ort and Ried. What are the people and stories that emerge along this road?


  • Austria 2006, 77 min., Digitalvideo
  • Book, direction, production: Angela Summereder
  • Camera/sound: Michael Pilz
  • Editing: Arthur Summereder, Petra Zöpnek, Michael Pilz
  • Featuring: Willy Bartel, Tina Rau, Herr Hörtenhuber /FACC company, Peter Fussl, Susa and Rudi Renezeder, Angela Summereder, Michael Pilz and many residents living beside the B-143 road.
Olaf Möller: On humility. An essay on the ‘sensibilists’

The Sensibilists do not exist as an actual group in Austrian cinema, rather they simply leave their mark among the mass of films in the form of a loose conglomeration of work which displays radical similarities in its ethics and aesthetics. The circumstance that the film-makers know and respect one another, and have occasionally even collaborated, does not contradict the above assertion, because what is more dominant than any elective affinity among them is the feeling of being solitary, of creating non-disaffected works in accordance with their own rhythm, beyond the audio-visual production world, works which one can emphatically describe as ‘hers’ or ‘his’. For some of them that is easier, for others more difficult, and it has even been the downfall of more than one of them. Names: Michael Pilz, John Cook, Angela Summereder, Peter Schreiner, Manfred Kaufmann, Manfred Neuwirth, Gabriele Hochleitner – though there may be others who believe that they belong to the group too, while some might feel misunderstood to have been listed here. One thing is certain: namely, that Austrian cinema is seldom as psychologically capacious as in their works, or so generous: turned to face life, fellow human beings and the present – which in the end is always the same as oneself.

(film-dienst 22/2010, p. 24 f.)

Movie text

 A film by Angela Summereder Camera: Michael Pilz
Who are we meeting? Evrim And what does she do? She fills the shelves and does the till. Maybe she’s still here and is tidying up. Let’s wait a bit.

Mixed News
We’re making a film about that road, between Ort and Ried.

I just wanted to ask you if you could tell me anything about what’s planned.

Ask Willi, he knows everything. About the service station? What do you want to know? We’ll have to go out.

It’s about that piece of land, isn’t it? The bottom one, where no wheat’s growing. There where the yellow sign is.... It’s actually about him wanting to build a service station with about 35

parking spaces and 3 or 4..... You’ll have to get a bit nearer. Excuse me, can we take your picture?

Why? Were making a film about the road.....

Lord, do you have to? Yes...

I don’t want to go in there. Let’s have a look what it looks like (from the) outside. I think it’d be better if we started outside.

Shall I open the second door too? No, it’s okay as it is. Mr. Mörtenhuber, could you tell me what this company makes. This factory opened in the year 2000 to make parts for the

insides of airplanes.

And do you do anything to find friends?

That’s not so easy.

You have to meet people who are on the same wavelength.

I work from seven in the morning to half past four, and when I come home I don’t really want to do anything.

And how do you want to meet people....going shopping. No, you don’t meet anyone while you’re shopping, that’s rubbish. It’s always grown. From a word, to a sentence to whole paragraphs.

Now it’s lots of pages. How many? About 200. All hand written? No, I’ve been writing with the computer for 4 years. And what are you going to do with it? I don’t know, my bloke said I should get it printed. Has he read any of it? No, but he can guess what it’s like. I’ve told him about it. He thinks it’s great. But I’m a bit dissapointed. When I read it....It’s very sad Could you say that it’s about a love affair gone wrong? Yes, you could.

I turk. Where are you driving to? Istanbul, 3 days. Must work. Thankyou. Bye

How are you? I’m alright, and you? Yeah, I’m alright too, hot, hot, hot. I’ve gotten a sister. You’ve gotten a sister?

Three weeks old, Dilara. Now we have 4 children. If you filmed him, he says? Him? Yes. We are more often here. They are also often here.

Nothing free.

And which dogs are you breeding here? Mostly german shephards. Also a few sheepdogs.

Do you live there? It’s my weekend home. And the service station, don’t the lorries bother you? Bother?, No they don’t bother me. Did you grow up on a farm? No, my mum grew up on a farm...... We don’t know how the things were with the service station. A chauffeur had the idea to build a garage there.

He applied for a loan for 5 million, used 4 to build it and the
You shouldn’t say it out loud, but I’ll say it.

The clever owner, businessman Wölfl, works at the Lagerhaus and Lagerhaus belongs to the Raiffeisenbank. We think that he purposely withheld that last million.

HE couldn’t build the services, everybody would have known that they’d be big ones.

But the chauffeur started it all off and we all thought, well, it won’t be that big.

What? Then they didn’t give him that last million and Wölfl......

.....Wölfl cheated him, bought it off him cheap and now the chauffeur’s got the debt

Nice motor, fiver?

A sevener BMW! With leather upholstery!

It’s got every gadget going. It peeps from front to back.

Parkcontrol, heated seats. A woman tells me which way to go, the navigations system. That’s annoying.

Can you turn that on? Nah, I can’t.

Now it’s all a bit different. My priorities...what can I say....they’ve changed. Earlier, you know, I needed other things to be happy. Because my life wasn’t so good, I needed material things. Clothes, cometics and all that jazz. Before I was always

made-up with blond hair and miniskirts.

And it wasn’t because I was a hairdresser, it was more a sort of costume.

I think now that that wasn’t me, not really, but I think I chose a path to make me feel happier and to hide all the negative things.

And I don’t need that anymore.

Because there are always less and less things in my life that I don’t like.

For the first time in my life I’ve got a man, a man who I can accept as he is. Because he does things.

How do you mean that?

There are loads of men, they talk lots, about their futures and ‘what they want to do, but they don’t do it.

We wanted to be here because we said we want to live where others go on holiday. That was the reason.

It’s a kind of reorganisation of your friends. I don’t reckon that’s a problem.

I’m always open to new people. You’re together with so many customers, a new friendship is quickly made.

Just like that. It’s started with Tina now too, she had more problems at first. On the whole is this place okay.

Tina, why did you move to Grieskirchen from Berlin?

We stayed overnight, just a short Stop on the way through.

And I said to Michael that I could imagine living here. Lovely countryside, so open, not noisy, lot’s of space, good clear air, nature.

At some stage he asked me if I meant what I said. Why not? I think I’ve got more chance of getting a job here than in Berlin.

And there was Peter Fußl who danced barefoot.... Yeah, in the seventies we were very progressive in our village. Long hair, hippy clothes, today that’s tame. Then, then you were a rebel. Left-wing. As soon as you say ‚home’ you get labelled.

Which phrase should you use then? I interviewed some schoolkids about what they thought ‘home’ was.

Is it where you’re born, where you live, where you work.....Is it a phrase for the younger generation?

All the schools took part. Over a thousand kids. Was ist unter dem Strich heraus gekommen?

What was the result? Nearly all of them think it’s important to identify with a region.

For most of them is ‚home’ where they grew up.

It wasn’t as clear with the women. Is ‘home’ where they grew up themselves or where they live with their children.

And how big is the ‚region’. Is it the borough, the county, Austria, Europe......no idea.

You just want to kiss and cuddle the whole day.... And why did you buy this house? There was a ‚For sale sign’ which you could see from the road. I always wanted a little land, a small farm but I couldn’t

afford that. They are a bit too expensive. Yes, I’d love to be a farmer. Who do you live with? With my girlfriend Sandra. We’ve been together for 5 years

now and have 3 children.

Two are from her first boyfriend and we’ve got a 4-year-old daughter. Theresa.

Why should a picture be in focus.

Why? Nature wants it that way. The sharper it is , the more you can see, the details, the beauty.

The aperture is wide open or nearly shut. Some people don’t see much.

Some people see more than there is to see. It’ true. There are some cameras that can hypnotise you.

Are we going? Yes. Are you done or have you got to do something else in there? I’m done, what are we going to do? You’re marrying? Yes on the 18th of June. How long have you known your husband to be? Since December. And how did you meet him? The mother-in-law introduced herself and then I got to know him. Coincidences happen. Now it’s okay. How are you marrying?

As soon as possible in the registry office. If I can get some time off. And on the 18th, in church, in white with him in a suit. Loads of people are coming.

I’m not a poet. I don’t know how I should phrase it. And you can’t just say it outright in front of other people.

But, it is something spezial that holds us together and will hold us together forever. For sure. You’ve decided to get married pretty quickly.

Yes. At first I wasn’t so sure. Were you scared?

No, not really. But it’s a big Step to take. It’s not like you’re teenagers saying ‘do you wanna go out with me?’

You’ve got to be sure about what you’re doing. We both decided this way and it’s probly for the best.

Don’t lose your passport darling. You’ll need that for the registry office tomorrow.

We’re marrying at 4 o’clock in Ried. It’s never going to hold. Course it is, let go. It’s going to fall apart. Let go now. Should we grin? No, everybody grins. Just do what you feel like. I haven’t even got my earrings in. You’re lovely just as you are. Which way should we look. In the camera. I don’t get filmed every day, I don’t know how it is.

To hear the message again, press seven. Yesterday at 19.27 Yeah, hello, how’s it going. Here’s Slaby. Bad news I’m afraid

I don’t want to be in your film anymore. I’ve thought about it and come to the conclusion that I’m not going to do anything if nothings going to spring out of it for me.

I’ve gotta do something else. Don’t be mad at me. I really don’t want to anymore. Okay, maybe another time. Ciao.

Are you tired too? Do you live there alone? No, with my Mum and Dad.

Lucky in gambling, unlucky in love.

A problem is getting worse. You can feel how somebody is distancing themselves from you. Unlucky in love? I’ve never been unlucky in love. No such thing.

Oh yes there is. Because somebody is distancing themselves from you.

But I’m not unlucky in love because of that. It says here, that that’s exactly what it is.

I don’t believe it. If somebody distances themselves from me, that’s their problem.

I don’t understand. How can you be unlucky in love? And what was the other bit. Lucky in gambling?

Is that true? Always, yes, I like to gamble and I’m always lucky. And what’s your favorite game? Playing with sand, in the sand-pit, or sex games. Where is your favorite place? Anywhere and everywhere. You said that’s my coffee. No, we agreed that that’s my coffee and this is your cake.

Rom, Friaul, obere Toscana.

We can’t manage it today, we’ve got other guesthouses to visit.

How can I get to work? With the bus, no chance. You have to drive yourself.

You’ve filmed that red house. I saw you. You stopped in my parking-space.

They’re discussions, like a barrel without a bottom. It’s like talking to a wall.

What about St. Martin. The roads are terrible, all potholes. Lorry after lorry.

The people who live there aren’t very lucky. There’s no quality of life. The politicians have failed. Why doesn’t anything happen? Why don’t the police say if you want to get to Bratislava?

Drive on the motorway and pay the toll.

The borders weren’t a complete waste of time earlier. If a Czech wants something from me, I have to say I don’t understand him. It’d be the same if I was over there. But I don’t go there, what for?

You notice that kind of thing in the Mühlviertel, how it comes over. I don’t like that.

I think that the people are drifting back to the Schilling. Do you reckon?

Yes. You’re just adding up the whole time. Nobody’s happy. You can ask.

Austrians, do you want the EU or do you want your Schillings back. 80-90% say Schilling.

It’s dangerous there. Are you going to talk to anybody there. With you it’s all about talking. And what are we going to do? Have some breakfast. No, I mean afterwards.

We’re going to do a sort of inventory, from the 12 guesthouses, cafés and Hot-dog stands that are here, every one.

We’ve got more guestrooms. A hall or something similar? Yes, and at the back something else. A garden? No, that’s up front. Do you want to show us? Here is a little room. Here is a small function room. For club partys? For clubs, wakes, everything really.

I didn’t know there was such a big billiard room.

There’s a flat up there, fully fitted.

You live here as well?

No, we’ve got a house.

Are you the owners or are you renting.

We’re the owners, my wife and I.

We’ve been here for 30 years, the last 14 in this guesthouse. Now we’re going to sell up and enjoy the pension.

Have you found a buyer? Not yet. Difficult?

Am Land.
On a building site.....if somebodys cheeky, he gets a slap. You can’t do that as a landlord.

Where’s your house?

In the country.

We started building it this year. The fundament. When we go back in December we’ll continue. Then the roof and windows.

Have you got a picture? Yes, I’ve got a few. That’s it now, the foundations and base.

That hole is for a pillar. A meter square. That was hard work, the earth was as hard as concrete. We dug it all by hand. A hole a day. We’re having 15 pillars and had 15
Very difficult. Nobody wants to work in this branch anymore.

Always the same thing, day in day out and that over years. And you have to stay pleasant.

You shouldn’t have an opinion. On the building sites you can be honest with yourself. But here you have to swallow what comes. It’s hard.

Thankyou for showing us around and for telling us about being a landlord.

I’d never be one again.

A Hot-dog stand is better. If you upset anyone they just don’t come back anymore.

If you upset anyone here, the whole group stays away.

A young woman could get groped. That doesn’t happen at a hot-dog stand.

people to dig the holes. Before we put the first pillar up we had a big party.

The old advice to have old women on the site is right. Without the old women nothing gets done.

There’s the first pillar. That’s an old man who talks to ghosts. It’s like at home with the holy water.

Ever since we can walk, we’ve been troublemakers, then we went to school together.

Then I dragged him off around the world. Canada, Thailand. Australia as well.

You have to see a bit of the world. You can’t go everywhere, the world’s too big. But it’s great to get out and see a bit...

10 seconds left. Good.

If you want, to do something.....In Pakistan I didn’t learn a trade. I learnt in Austria.

How old were you when you married?

19, she was 19 too. Somehow it was my fault, but also hers. Now I can accept it. It’s difficult, but that’s the way it is.

Another 2 weeks......then I’ll miss working. It’s been a long time since I was last in Pakistan. The last time, I was 3 months.

It was too long. If you’re used to working and having lots to do, alone, this and this and that.

At home, it’s completely different. Your parents, brothers and sisters, neighbours. You’ve been a long while away, dinner here, an invitation there and there.
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Every day. And eventually it’s all too much. You ask yourself why you’re doing it.

I came in ́87 and was married. I’ve got a daughter and now am divorced, for quite a while.

Miss your home?

To be honest.....earlier maybe. But now I’ve got good friends here to get out and about with. I don’t think I’m alone then.

I like driving, lots, home, to work, shopping, here, there and everywhere...I love driving. I drive at least 40 to 50 thousand Km in the year.

Which car do you drive?

A cheap one. I don’t earn much so I can’t afford a Farrari. That’s mine over there, Nissan diesel. I deliver Pizzas with it and drive it privately too. You like driving on country roads? Me too.

I like that. If I haven’t got anything to do, I drive, far away, Schärding, Esternberg for a coffee. I drive.

You can just turn off and relax. Right.

Hello. Do you know me? Since you were a little girl. We making a film about the road between Ort and Ried. You’ve already done that. Yes, and now the sequel.

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